December 2, 2020

Christmas Ideas for Photographers

Make your Christmas shopping easier with eight ideas for presents that a photographer would love

Some people will be really organised and have all their Christmas presents bought and wrapped by now. Others will be desperately thinking of an inspirational gift that they can give to their loved ones. If you have a photographer in your life, we are here to make your shopping a little more manageable. If your budget is £20 to a couple of thousand, we have identified a Santa sack full of gifts that a snapper would want to receive. We have even created a link on each product photograph to take you to the official websites

Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket Card Holder (approx. £15)

It’s so easy to lose memory cards for your camera. Wouldn’t it be great to have a handy pouch that can keep them all nice and tidy? That’s going to be even more of a necessity in 2021 when we can travel the world again (hopefully!). The Think Tank Pixel Pocket cardholder is an excellent solution for a simple problem.

The rip-stop nylon material in this handy pocket keeps your memory cards dust-proof and protected from harm. There’s also a durable waterproof coating that keeps rain away. For just a few pounds this makes a great Christmas stocking-filler for a photographer.

Kase Tripod Leg Covers (£32)

You wouldn’t believe how much I get shouted at when I have been at the beach taking photos! All that sand gets stuck to the legs of my tripod. The best way to clean it is to give it a soak in the bath. You know how it is, one thing happens and you forget to give the bath a final swill!

These handy tripod leg covers from Kase will keep your relationship happy as well as your tripod. The strong plastic covers slip over any brand of tripod legs. They protect from oil, water and other abrasions that a photographer will encounter when out shooting landscapes and seascapes. A Christmas gift worth giving.

Kuvrd Lens Caps (approx. £60)

We reviewed these handy lens caps last week and loved them. The covers that come with the lens are prone to snapping off and rolling along the floor. The rubberised Ultimate Lens Cap from Kuvrd comes in two sizes. The Micro for lenses that are 54mm to 76mm and the Magnum that covers lenses from 72mm to 122mm.

I’d recommend buying the Super Back Bundle which has two of each size. That means that you can cover both the front and back of two professional sized lenses. I’ve been using them since we got the review versions and they’ve remained part of my kit.

Photography Workshop Vouchers (any value but we recommend £75)

I know this is shameless self-promotion, but I’ve welcomed hundreds of customers who have made us #1 on TripAdvisor. Our workshops have helped absolute beginners through to experienced photographers with years of experience.

Our workshop vouchers are available for any amount you choose. However, most of our sessions cost a multiple of £75, so that is the most popular purchase amount. Best of all, we have made the vouchers expiry date free so that buying a voucher now gives you confidence that they won’t run out before the COVID restrictions end.

Small Rig L Bracket (approx £45)

In October, I upgraded my cameras after over four years of hard use. That meant that I had to find a new supplier for an L bracket for my new sized cameras. After a bit of hunting, I went for an L Bracket from Small Rig.

The handy device makes it so easy to switch between landscape and portrait orientation when shooting on an Arca-Swiss style tripod. It’s a lightweight device designed to ensure easy access to memory card slots, batteries and cable plugs. What I really like is the magnetic screwdriver making it easy to attach and remove the bracket from the camera.

Each L bracket is specific to the make and model of the camera you are buying for. Take care that you order the right one when buying as a Christmas present.

Vallerret Markhof Pro 2.0 Photography Glove (£75)

Living in Scotland, we get some amazing light in the winter months. It’s perfect for landscape photography! However, that’s also the time of the year when it’s the coldest. I’ve been able to keep shooting in the depths of winter by using some great photography gloves by Vallerret

The gloves have a comfortable Merino wool liner which makes it nice and cosy for your hands. The index finger and thumbs on both hands pull back to allow you to be able to use the buttons on your camera and tripod. When pulled back, they are don’t flick thanks to the magnets so you can work efficiently on location. On the back of the gloves are a couple of handy pockets which allows you to store memory cards when you are on the move.

One of the Christmas gifts for photographers what will warm their hands as well as their hearts!

Kase Entry Level Filter System (£365)

The most significant leap I made in landscape photography was buying a professional filter system. The second biggest jump was changing from that one to the Kase Filter System. In my opinion, these are the best filters that money can buy. The revolutionary filter holder system makes it easy to attach to lenses of all sizes. The more fantastic feature is the Wolverine glass used on the filters. They are virtually drop-proof, unlike many competitor products.

I recommend these filters for anyone coming on our Introduction to Landscape and Seascape Workshop. They will transform the pictures of any photographer interested in shooting that landscape. If you want to make someone really happy this Christmas then splash out and buy these.

Canon R6 Camera (£2499)

If someone has been extremely good this year, then what better present could Santa bring than a new camera. I have switched from the heavy-weight Canon 1DX’s to the super-light mirrorless R5 and R6 cameras. Launched halfway through this year, they have revolutionised photography. The picture quality is quite superb, and the auto-focus system breath-taking.

The R6 camera is the cheaper of the two models launched by Canon this year. Unless you’re going to be printing photographs on billboards, it is just not worth spending the extra £1500 for a 45 million mega-pixels. For someone serious about improving their photography, this is the best route to stepping up.

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