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Switch to Manual is the introductory workshop for camera users who tend to leave their camera set to Automatic modes and therefore don’t unleash the full creativity that your DSLR or Bridge camera can deliver.

In four hours you will learn the fundamentals of exposure by exploring the use of aperture, shutter speed, ISO as well as a number of composition techniques that will take your photography to a new level.


  • Great for someone who takes photographs on a pre-set mode and would like to learn how to take better photographs.
  • Ideal for beginners and doesn’t need any previous knowledge of photography.
  • The workshop will be in 3 parts. The evening before the booking we will have a 1-hour Zoom meeting to discuss your camera and how the settings work. The next morning (the booking time) we will meet in Edinburgh and walk around the city taking photos using social distancing measures. We will then finish the workshop later that day to edit and review photos by video.
  • By the end of the workshop, you will have a good understanding of exposure and composition.
  • Experience level – New to photography and beginners

What to bring?

  • Any digital camera that has an ‘M’ mode. This means that you can manually set the exposure of your camera.
  • If you have a long zoom lens then bring it along although it is not vital for the session.
  • Ensure your camera batteries are fully charged and consider having a spare
  • An empty memory card, we’ll take about 100 photographs during the session.

Cost of workshop is £75 per person (plus booking fee)

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