May 13, 2020

clik-trip Photo Marketplace

We talk to Suzanne Porter, founder of clik-trip, the photography marketplace

Recently, I started to list my photography workshops and tours on a reasonably new website called Clik-Trip. It was the brainchild of Suzanne Porter. We talked to Suzanne to hear what inspired her to set up the site and to hear about her photographic journey.

Suzanne, the photographer

Suzanne’s career as a photographer quite literally started by accident. She broke her back during a boating incident, and during her long rehabilitation, she signed up for a photography course. Suzanne’s background as a sociologist led her to work in Africa with organisations such as WaterAid, CARE, and Médecins Sans Frontières.

In 2006, Suzanne bought a crumbling riad (traditional house) in the ancient Marrakech medina from where she split her time between travel commissions and running photography tours. Her tours took people off the beaten path to discover a Morocco that only a local knows.

We move forward to 2011 and Suzanne moved to France to start a family. She split her time for eight years between personal photography work, travelling back and forth to Morocco to run tours and bringing up a child. In 2019, Suzanne wanted to find a way to remain more home-based, and this is where Clik-Trip started to come together.

What is Clik-Trip?

Over her years leading highly-rated tours, Suzanne learned the primary frustrations for customers seeking out tours in other parts of the world were hours of research and guesswork.  She wanted to help customers find high-quality photo experiences, similar to those she was personally offering. Using her worldwide contacts and expertise, Suzanne launched clik-trip in 2019 to increase access to destinations with local experts all over the world.

Suzanne told us that Clik-Trip has a mission to serve three basic needs for photographers.

Access – it’s not always easy for travelling photographers to research and find subjects or even have the confidence to approach locals. Discovering new cultures is best achieved with people that have local knowledge.  The photographers and unique photographic experiences curated for the site, helps clients get this access and those awe-inspiring photos.

Diversity – There are so many places around the world to have fun and experience photography. Ther are over 80 photographers already listed on the site and that number is increasing each month. There will be something to inspire a photographer looking for a new experience. It could be a photo safari in Cuba, a Collodion Wet Plate workshop in South Africa, aerial photography in Western Australia.

Peace of Mind – clik-trip is a marketplace providing the link between the passionate photography enthusiast and the trusted photography experts. The photographers are listed on the site by recommendation. Each photographer has made a price commitment to clik-trip, and you won’t find the price cheaper by going direct.

Start planning now

We are going to be able to travel again in the future. Photographers will be itching to find somewhere different to enjoy taking pictures. By signing up to clik-trip now, you can start to think about your post-lockdown photography trips. Until you can travel again, there is a YouTube channel where you can view some of the experiences. It’s a private marketplace so you’ll need to sign up on the home page.  But don’t worry they guarantee that they don’t use your email addresses for anything without you consenting first.

Coronavirus shut-down

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