November 24, 2021

Black Friday 2021

There are photography bargains to be had with this year's Black Friday sales

The Black Friday phenomenon started a few years. Originally imported from the United States of America, it was traditionally the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. Cyber Monday has been added for those online purchases to allow the sale to last an entire weekend.  It seems that Black Friday is now mutated to be all of November. Many of the deals are in full-fling already!  This week I’ll share some of the offers I have spotted. If you think I am missing one that people will love, drop me a mail, and I’ll update the post.

Amazon Black Friday Week

Amazon is probably one of the first places people go-to for online shopping. The Amazon Black Friday Week has seven pages of camera and accessory deals available. Some of the highlights available include heavyweight lighting stands from Neewer with 24% off and a whole range of SmallRig products with 20% off.

By far, the best deal is an annual licence for the Adobe Photographers Package. 12-month access to the leading editing software tools of Photoshop and Lightroom with a discount of 33%. You can just add on the licence to whatever you currently have paid for. I have just repurchased it as I am writing this blog, and now I have access paid to early-2024!

Affinity Black Friday Event

If you prefer not to use the Adobe subscription package, then Affinity has a 30% off everything. Some people like to not commit to a regular subscription, and Affinity caters well for this market. As well as Affinity Photo, this Black Friday, you can also get Affinity Designer and Publisher at the reduced price of £32.99 instead of the standard tag of £47.99

Essential Photo Five Black Friday Discounts

EssentialPhoto, also known as Pixapro, are a great place to go for lighting stands and accessories. They have a novel way of offering Black Friday deals. There are five hourly slots throughout the day when different offers will be available. The deals include 30% off a Storm II 400 Flash Head and a free Citi300 PRO Flash worth £419 when you buy a CITI600 Pro Portable Wedding Twin Kit.

DxO Black Friday Sale

You may have read my launch-day reviews of DxO’ Nik Collection and Photolab 5. From 22 November to 29 November, there are some massive discounts on Dxo Products. PhotoLab 5 is reduced from £199 to £99.50 for the Elite edition. Nik Collection 4.2 also has a 50% reduction with a sale tag of £67.50 instead of the full price of £135. Check out all the deals available with DxO at

Cheaper Workshops

Have you thought that you’d like to attend an Edinburgh Photography Workshop Switch to Manual session or the Seascape and Landscape workshop? Over the Black Friday weekend, use the code EPWBlack21 at checkout, and you’ll get 10% off any of our workshop sessions. That’s a reduction of £15 from the seascape workshop, which makes it a fantastic deal!

Ginormous JOBY Giveaway

Joby, the creator of the GorrilaPod, is giving customers a chance to spin & win up to £180 of products, including the brand accessory line for its famous tripods and other colourful creator gear. To be in a chance of winning visit and enter your email address then spin JOBY’s Million Dollar Wheel – no purchase necessary! In addition to product prizes ranging from £10 to £180 in value, discount codes of up to 50% off on GorillaFeet are available to win.


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