Night Photography

EPW Night PhotographyWhen the sun sets it doesn’t mean that you need to stop taking photographs. The Night Time Experience is designed for photographers who understand the fundamentals of exposure and now want to explore creativity in a different way.

A tripod is a must for night-time photography as we look at different ways you can use the available light from the street, vehicles or even the stars to illuminate a scene and create a terrific image that you would want to share.

The workshop is very much reliant on dry weather as we will usually be working with long exposures and some aspects, such as star trails, require a cloudless evening so whilst the agenda for the session isn’t fixed, the techniques you will learn can be applied to many other forms of low light photography.

To get the most benefit from this workshop you will need to understand how to use the manual functions on your camera. If you are unsure, we would recommend you attend the Switch to Manual session first.

Cost of workshop is £75 per person 

Current Available Dates

Workshops are running from November to early May on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Start times vary depending on the times for sunset.