COVID-19 Policy

The Scottish Government has announced on 4 January 2021 that there is now a legal requirement to stay at home for at least the month of January. As a result, we are unable to run any face to face workshops until at least 1 February 2021. We are still able to offer virtual workshop sessions in the usual way.

Following the release of COVID-19 Scotland’s Strategic Framework document, we have updated our policy to meet the areas that impact the running of an Edinburgh Photography Workshop session. We have approached this by identifying the four areas of the Framework document that relate to our workshops. We have then provided a response as to how we intend to meet the framework guidance. We then summarise how the running of each workshop will be impacted at each of the five levels.


COVID-19 Framework response - Socialising



COVID-19 Travel



COVID-19 Framework response - Transport



COVID-19 Framework response - Hospitality



COVID-19 Framework response - Summary


Date last updated: 22 October 2020

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