COVID-19 Policy

The Scottish Government has announced on 23 February 2021 a COVID update. The ‘Stay at Home’ requirement remains in place until at least 5 April. This means that we are not able to run the Switch to Manual or Night Photography sessions until this time. Unfortunately, this means that the Night Photography Workshop will not return until September – we will be putting dates up for September 2021 until March 2022 by the end of the February. The easing of restrictions, announced by the First Minister, will keep Level 4 restrictions in place until at least 26 April. This means that we are unable to run the Landscape and Seascape Workshop and Private Workshops until after this date. We are still able to offer virtual workshop sessions in the usual way. All our Gift Vouchers have had expiry dates removed so you will be able to use them when it is safe to do so.

The First Minister has suggested that there many be changes to the Levels system identified in the COVID-19 Scotland’s Strategic Framework document. However, until these changes have been announced our policy to meet the areas that impact the running of an Edinburgh Photography Workshop session under the old rules are detailed below. We have approached this by identifying the four areas of the Framework document that relate to our workshops. We have then provided a response as to how we intend to meet the framework guidance. We then summarise how the running of each workshop will be impacted at each of the five levels.


COVID-19 Framework response - Socialising



COVID-19 Travel



COVID-19 Framework response - Transport



COVID-19 Framework response - Hospitality



COVID-19 Framework response - Summary


Date last updated: 22 October 2020

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