Photography Lesson #2

I’m going to produce videos from time to time that cover topics that I don’t cover in my photography workshops. This is the second video I have added to my YouTube Channel but the first one covering a lesson topic. One of the things I have found is that months after you have taken a shot, somebody asks you for a copy of the image so it’s important to organise your photos in a way that you can find them easily. This video shows you how I load photographs from my camera onto the computer and then mark them so I know which ones I am going to edit.

Please add comments to let me know if you enjoyed the video and any other topics you would like me to cover.


Launch Deals

Hi, and welcome to Edinburgh Photography Workshop. I have previously run my Switch to Manual workshop under the name of Trixta Photography but I think now is the time to rebrand my workshops as I start to expand beyond lessons for beginners to more general workshops that can suit photographers of all levels.

There are two great deals available until 16 January 2014 for two of my workshops. Switch to Manual and Night Photography are usually £75 per person, however, if you book your workshop before 16 January you can attend for the bargain price of £50, a reduction of 33% – you can attend the workshop anytime until 30 June 2014. You can see more about these workshops by clicking above and then specifying the date that you would like to attend on the booking form.

I’ve also added a short video that gives you a flavour of what will be coming soon on Edinburgh Photography Workshop.