Edinburgh Night Photography Workshop

Often when the sun goes down, photographers pack their cameras in the bag but those few hours after sunset can be really productive if you know how to use the available light and have a good sturdy tripod. The Edinburgh Photography Workshop Night Photography session is a great way to learn how to take great photographs in the blur hour and beyond.

The workshop starts as the sun is setting on Calton Hill where we can see the colour temperature change before our eyes with the warm glow of the last rays of the sun being seen at the same time as the onset of the purples, blues and eventually black as night falls. We then head down to Princes Street where Sir Walter Scott becomes the subject and we look for different angles to capture this famous statue as well as capturing the light trails of the buses and trams.

We continue in the Old Town of Edinburgh which lives up to its spooky reputation by capturing a ghostly apparition rising from Barrie’s Close. Before heading to the most haunted graveyard in Scotland where we play with different sources of light and,  if you are really lucky, have the second opportunity of capturing a ghost in the colour of your choice!

Here are just a few photographs taken on the workshop and if you’d like to book the experience for yourself then head to the booking page.

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